Chambrelan: Transforming Telescopic Slides

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Linear-rails-chambrelanTake Chambrelan’s largest stainless steel linear rail, the ST50, for example.  Capable of sporting two carriers, the GS52 and the GS54; by itself, it is an impressive linear rail capable of carrying 180kgs and 240kgs on the major axis respectively.

Then there’s Chambrelan’s stainless steel linear rail, the ST53, one of our most popular rails for medium to heavy loads, capable of 170kg in the major with our GS53 carrier and 110kg with our GS57 carrier.

Both are great products, but here’s the clever bit, the body of the ST50 doubles as the outer beam for the ST508 heavy duty slide, whilst the ST53’s body doubles as its intermediate beam, creating an entirely new product, the ST508 heavy duty slide.

By coupling our design expertise with our manufacturing abilities Chambrelan maximises its resources, improving lead times and cost, whilst being able to offer a greater selection of products to customers.

With an extensive range of both heavy duty slides and linear rail motion systems Chambrelan are better placed than other suppliers to offer a full range of products and since we manufacturer all our products we can respond to orders much faster.

For further information on the these or on any of our heavy duty slides and sliding systems please visit or alternatively contact on +33 (0)2 35 24 62 80.