Chambrelan Launches the D5 Aluminium Telescopic Slide

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Chambrelan_D5Next to the RA7R, the RA5R is one of our most popular heavy-duty telescopic slides in the Chambrelan range.   Up until now the RA5R, which is the standard carbon steel product and the ST508, the stainless steel version, have been the only two products in the RA5 collection.  Over the years both have been modified by improving the deflection criteria, which increases the stated load capacities, but with news of the D5 launching on the market Chambrelan have finally managed to complete the range offering the same profile in three different materials.

The new D5 anodised aluminium slide is 50% lighter than the standard RA5R, making it a positive addition to the collection and ideal for electronic applications, cash dispensers and control boards.

The new addition is just another example of how Chambrelan aims at extending and improving its entire range, offering a broader and more versatile collection of heavy duty sliding systems. 

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