Case Study: B & H Catering Trailers

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Carl Bland has been designing and building catering trailers for over ten years and in that time has made a name for creating quality special purpose catering units.

Each unit is lovingly designed by Carl and his team to the very best standard, whilst providing a catering space capable of delivering a range of food products, including specially made burger trailers and fish and chip catering units.












First and foremost Carl needed a pair of heavy duty slides that would be able to slide out the serving counter on his trailers and chose Chambrelan’s R71 at 500mm. The R71 is a two beam heavy duty reinforced steel slide that offers partial extension and has been designed to specifically resist bucking and twisting, which can result from choosing poor quality slides or those underspecified for the job. These slides have been designed to extreme heavy loads and are ideal for vehicle applications, including high temperature environments, which again, can often damage poorly manufactured slides.

Chambrelan have made our job a lot easier.“.” Carl Bland, Managing Director B & H Catering Trailers.